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As Enterprise Architects we translate the strategic objectives and vision of an enterprise into a realizable blueprint for business and IT change. The Lazarus Enterprises Group is a strategic consulting firm based in Delaware County, specialized in online marketing strategy, social media, email marketing, brand management, business consulting services and alternate channels.

Marketing Strategy

Our intellectual approach to moving products and selling services that pulls in the acquisition of buyers, pushing the engine of enterprise with a good marketing plan and management structure that is implemented by research and planning.

Business Growth Strategy

We focus on the process of rapid experimentation across marketing funnels, product development, sales segments, and other areas of the enterprise to identify the most agile growth pattern. Our approach in a business is measured analytically.

Management Strategy

Our approach on running an enterprise supports the concept of continuous improvement with a long-term strategist approach that systematically seeks to improve the averages of efficiency, quality, supply and demand. The daily task of focus and implementation.

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Development, Branding, Marketing and Management

What Our Satisfied Clients Are Saying...

  • L.E.G. in my professional opinion and experience is one of the best business, marketing and management consultants money could buy to analyze my business inside out. Their business acumen for discovering loopholes is unprecedented and I would recommend them to any individual or company that wants their business to get profitable, and stable day one for years to come.

    Brad Simon – Affiliate Marketing Manager/Serial Entrepreneur

  • In any business undertaking you will need to know how to solve problems as they come, armed ready with a quick solution. I can testify that L.E.G. is the firm that can weed out any reason, why a business is failing, and set it back on a path of righteousness for profitability and success. L.E.G. is highly recommended and sort after for their business savvy and analysis on any company profile.

    David Finkelstein – Business Manager

  • I had a few verticals we needed to promote on the web, and we had time constraints to find a reasonable solution to get it off the ground before launch, so we sort out the activity to L.E.G. to see if they could take on the task and give us an analysis on the niche market we were trying to penetrate before our full scale launch and promotion could be offered to our army of selective super affiliate marketers.

    Tristan Thompson – Marketing Manager/Web Master

  • A major thank you to the L.E.G. team for increasing our numbers in sales for the past 3 years and counting. Their objectives were set at the very beginning of our campaigns. From there, we have been able to increase our sales figures with ease. Consulting with L.E.G. was one of the best options we could have done for our company and it paid off. We will continue to use the services of L.E.G. for our marketing and promotional needs. I will personally make recommendations to my peers and colleagues.

    Felix Montgomery – Real Estate Firm Owner/Property Manager

  • We have sought out the services of L.E.G. to take on our marketing operations and it has been an unprecedented success to say the most. With their marketing consulting services in place, we were able to focus on our core business operation building great products while L.E.G. grew our brand and promoted our products with each launch on autopilot. L.E.G. also did a marvelous job on the development and management of our E-commerce web portal for the launch of our newest products.

    Michael McCormick – Product Developer/Managing Director

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Business Consultants - Branding - Marketing - Management - We provide enterprise support and services to local businesses, start-ups and national companies. We are highly recommended in marketing consultation, advertising, branding, and management. We guarantee everything we do. Our intangible services is our clients satisfaction and our only mission of guarantee...

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